William and Henrietta Boyd, picture taken before 1910

William and Henrietta Boyd, picture taken before 1910
The very first Boyd's to live in our home, my husband's great great grandparents..now I know where my youngest son gets his looks from!

June 28, 2011

Our 1850's homestead, hopefully soon to have a covered porch on the front :)
My wooden antique bar stool likely from the Hampton Hotel
Well, my wash basin did have lovely pansies in it but my darn chickens ate all the petals off them, lol

Our 10 foot rose bush, never had it grow so high before!

Another late night, lol, I should be sound asleep! Only 2 days left of school for 4 of my kids and one last exam for my oldest daughter tomorrow. One last trip for Rhys tomorrow , okay, it's today since it's after midnight, he's going to Toronto to the Royal Ontario Muesuem to study Medieval Times. He loves Toronto even if the usual trips there are to the Hospital For Sick Children for yearly checkups and he loves driving on the major highway watching all the transports go by. I'm sure he will have fun although there will be a lot of walking to do and his poor little legs and hips will surely be tired. Main thing is that he is super excited :)

So, the past month I have hit the thrift stores again and found some goodies. I even found 3 kitchen chairs that although they don't exactly match the ones I have, they have rounded backs and are nice solid wood. I have painted them black. I just need one more to match them and than I can get rid of the 3 other ones that do not go great with my sets at all. I have my eyes peeled for just one more chair!
Last weekend I was able to go to an auction again. Oh how I missed the action of auctions. It was for the owners who had bought the Historical Hampton Hotel. I didn't stay the whole day since it was Fathers Day weekend and we had company coming for dinner but I did get a few things and even made some money, lol. At one point I had won an old taller standing quilt rack and a young lady had come up to me and offered me a few more dollars for it. I had said no I wasn't interested as I really liked it. Of course another lady next to me made me feel really bad by telling me that this other lady was the granddaughter of the owners of the quilt rack and that she was in tears because I wouldn't sell the rack. Uggh, so stuck in a hard spot, and feeling terrible and wishing that I had known that in the first place and I wouldn't have turned her down, I sold the lovely quilt rack back to the granddaughter. I did my good deed for the day :) I can honestly understand her wanting a piece of her grandparents history. So... I did get to keep the antique quilts that were on that rack, although a bit tattered and worn, I love them and they have stories t o tell! Know I just have to figure out where to put them since I don't have the quilt rack, lol. I also got a few chairs, an old bar stool type chair that is wooden and a very old rocking chair that needs repair. Plus I got a lot of old lanterns for really cheap. One is made into an electric lamp, but I haven't tested it out yet...I will let hubby do that! I'm not sure if I will try and fix up the rust on them or leave them be but I would love to find a way to turn them in battery operated candle lanterns.
My hubby also spent this past weekend amid grass cutting and weed trimming our huge yard, making me a new garden with split cedar rails. Now I have to find something to fill in the front of it but so far I have hostas, lillies, evening prim roses, digitalis, rose bushes, false sunflowers, some various gladiolous that have poked up through the earth and some green onions, lol. and can't forget wild viollets that I have transplanted from my other gardens. Now if I can just keep my chickens from eating all the pretty petals off the plants I'll be happy!
Anyhow, here are a few pics, there is more to come when I get a chance!
Have a wonderful week everyone!!

Hugs, Trish

June 08, 2011

Good morning! it's a hot and humid day here in Kendal. I've closed up my windows and am trying so hard to not turn on the air conditioner. It's supposed to get up to over 40 with the humidity. I've been so busy outside working on my gardens and getting things tidied up outside that I'm only usually on the computer in the evening. I have managed to hit the thrift shops again and a few yard sales :) I've redone a few pieces and I'm trying to post pics today...internet is slow, go figure, lol. Thought I'd better get on here before any storms hit! Things have been going well around here, busy as ever. School will be out by June 29th. I can't believe how fast time has gone by! I have so many things I want to get done but it seems impossible. My kids have lots of trips coming up, Noah has a trip to see the Toronto Blue Jays, Brynn and Kaedyn have trips to the Bowmanville Zoo and Rhys is going to the Royal Art Mueseum in Toronto to learn about Medieval Times. Can you say my bank account is empty??? Oh well, they will all enjoy themselves immensely! Oh to be a kid again :)
Anyhow, the above pics are of an antique wardrobe that was taken out of our attic years ago and my inlaws used it. I've got it back since they are moving! It's tongue and groove :) And than there's a cabinet that I got at a yardsale which I painted and it will go in our bathroom. I've been waiting for the perfect piece to go in there:) Now I just don't like the heart cutouts in the doors but I'll figure out a way to cover them up! Also an antique plate shelf which I painted and stained( can't go wrong with $2.99 price tag), a wooden magazine rack ($2.99), a little wooden basket and a handmade quilt($2!!). Oh, can't forget this cute wooden toolbox that I am using as a planter outside with pansies in it.
Well, hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far and is having nice weather.

Take care, Trish