William and Henrietta Boyd, picture taken before 1910

William and Henrietta Boyd, picture taken before 1910
The very first Boyd's to live in our home, my husband's great great grandparents..now I know where my youngest son gets his looks from!

September 24, 2010

Hi everyone, well it's been a little bit since I was last here. I thought I would have lots of extra time to be on the computer with 5 kids in school, well I was mistaken, lol. Fall is definitely in the air although today was a shocker with temps getting up into the 30's and the humidity horrible. I actually had to turn the a/c on upstairs for a bit. Now they are saying that the weekend is going to be cool and so/so. We have tons of brightly colored leaves falling from the trees, I must admit, as much as they are pretty, I'm not looking forward to what comes after fall. I don't like snow... I must be getting old, lol. I hate driving in it and where we live, when it snows, it snows good and well, I'm usually stuck at home cause I hate it and I hate how alot of people drive in it! Oh well, we'll get to "that season" when we get there. So, I've been in the fall decorating mood, I've never really been into it before, but for some reason this year is different. I bought a few small squash for decorating and low and behold my kids said to me " are you going to cook squash?" and I'm like no, you don't like squash so I'm using them in my fall displays. Than I get "yes we do" and I say "no you don't, every time I cook it you refuse to eat it" . So I'm guessing I have to go to the market to buy some more squash to cook for them and we'll see just how much they eat, lol. Of course during the week I wandered into the dollar store for a few things and I came across some really nice fall leaf decorations that are vinyl and won't get wrecked if I put them outside. They don't look cheap at all and I wove them in with my grapevine swag thingys that I made to go over my doorways. I I am think I might go back for more. And I made some more grapevine stuff for inside and put the dried false sunflowers from my gardens in them and I really like how it looks as long as my cats don't get at them, lol. I am patiently waiting for some votive candle molds that I ordered from ebay, they shipped out on August 27 th and still haven't arrived. I've never had to wait this long for an item off of ebay before and it's kinda of disapointing. Hopefully soon.....
My kids have so wonderfully passed along the cold bug that they picked up from school... nothing says back to school like a cold. I have not been up to par lately but am getting there, so that's also another reason why I have been around lately. I have alot of catching up to do :)
I still haven't gotten my front door painted :(, hoping for a nice sunny day that no rain is expected in the forecast, haha. Anyhow, I think that's probably it for now, I hope everyone is well and have a wonderful weekend whereever you are!!

Love and hugs, Trish

September 12, 2010

Hi folks! Well, the first week back to school was a success!! So far, everyone is happy with their teachers and adjusting well back in their routines. My youngest son met his teacher on Wednesday and he goes in on Monday to meet a few students that will be in his class ( they phase the kids in a few at a time over the first month) and he has his first full day of school on Wednesday. It will be a bittersweet day for me... after 15 yrs of having a child at home, I will be on my own every other day now... what's a mom to do??? Oh, I know... sit back, take my time at getting things done and finally get to some crafting that I've been wanting to start forever, lol. I am so used to having a child home every day that this is gonna be strange for me though, but I think I'll get used to it :) So as of now, I have a child in gr. 10, gr.7, gr.4, gr.2 and junior kindergarten.
We did get to the Durham Central Fair but not on cheap night. Hubby had to work late and by the time he got home, the kids were in bed and boy did they give a "what for" the next morning, haha. Okay, Friday was a much better night to go anyways and we had coupons for discounts for the rides so it wasn't as bad money wise as it usually is. And we skipped the games as hubby said the kids already had way too many stuffed animals, lol. We had lots of fun watching the kids enjoy the rides although I am feeling old after watching my oldest son go on rides that 20 yrs ago, I used to really enjoy... the zipper was one of them and the tomahawk. My stomach got queasy just watching him get on them but he didn't throw up!! I sure would have, lol. Oh to be young again!!
Today was a tad boring... hubby had to work at the ribfest in Oshawa around dinnertime. I decided to go out and pull out alot of vines that were growing on the front of my house. Last year I made wreaths with them so this year since they were so long, I made swags out of them. I placed a long one over our front door and two windows and another over our side door. I put one in our kitchen with some dried false sunflowers and black eyed susans. I'm hoping to get out to the dollar store and get some fall flower decorations to add to the ones outside since I'm on a fall decoration kick, lol. I also grabbed some discounted acorn squash to put outside for a display and I need to get down to the corn field to get some cornstalks to add to it. Next is painting the front door when it's sunny again. I pulled out the left over paint can that I used to paint our fireplace, it's a dark reddish color and I wanted to see how it looked against our blue siding on the house. I really liked it but my hubby said "oh no, not red", lol. I'm like, it's not bright red, it's a rusty barn red, it will look good and he just sighed. Men, they will never understand us, lol. Needless to say, I'm painting the door a reddish color and he's gonna like it or pretend to like it! :D And than, I just may paint the two side doors the same color...won't he just love that, haha.
Oh well, I guess I'm off to bed, hope everyone is having a great weekend and I'll be back soon!

Take care and hugs, Trish

September 04, 2010

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone!! And just around the corner....school begins for another year! I'm betting there's going to be alot of very happy parents out there, lol ( I must confess, I'm one of them :D)
Not much has happened this weekend. Looks like we are done with the buggies, knock on wood. We are finally getting some rain and hoping the temps stay a bit cooler than they have been. I hate having the a/c's on and I'm looking forward to opening the windows and letting the fresh air breeze through....that is if the rain doesn't go on all weekend. Doesn't look like we'll be doing much other than last minute back to school shopping and I'm hoping to go into to meet Natalie from The Carriage House Antiques Shop in Bowmanville, if she's working, and maybe, if I twist hubby's arm, buy a thing or two or three, lol. I need to get some more craft supplies since I'm pretty sure I'm going to go nuts the first week of school with the kids not home and I need to paint our front door and maybe the back door and the side door, oh boy, the list goes on and on. Eventually I need to clean out the woodstove room and paint it before we need to use the woodstove and these are things much easier done with no kids around, lol.
My oldest daughter is going up to Kinmount with a friend for the weekend and to go to the fair, I always worry about her on the long weekends when they travel***SIGH***even though she says I worry too much! Next week is the Durham Central Fair and the kids are counting down the days, Thursday is cheap night so if the weather holds up, that's when we will go cause we all know how much it can add up when you go to a fair especially with 7 people!
Well, I guess I should get to bed, morning comes to quick. I hope everyone has a safe and happy long weekend!!

Hugs, Trish

September 01, 2010

Hello everyone! I meant to back on here sooner but things have been hectic. And I mean "buggy" hectic. Ah, the joys of having kids.... last Wednesday we got a call from a friend whom my daughter plays with and they said that their daughter got the dreaded words "HL", and my daughter has been playing with her. Ugghh, well, we dodged this for 15 yrs and at some point in time it was sure to hit us. Here I am frantically checking all of my kids hairs ( yes, all 5 of them) and low and behold, yeppers we got them, yuck!!I'm running out that door to the nearest pharmacy and cleared out their shelves on that special shampoo and in between each child's treatment I was throwing in a load of laundry of bedding and clothes. My poor washer must have done about 10 loads that day cause my kids all like to sleep with a ton of blankets, even in this hot weather. Than my hubby comes home and I check his hair and he checks mine...another ugghh...we had to shampoo our hair too :( These stinkers won't go away too and school hasn't even started! So tonight, I did a second treatment and 2 haircuts and the other day after reading on the web that using castor oils helps, I tried that and it really helped get those bugs out of the hair. I am so hoping that we are done with all this now. My teenage daughter has been freaking and has been staying up in her room cause she didn't get any and doesn't want them, lol. Oh well, that's life and it's bound to happen but oh what a pain in the butt it is, lol.
Anyhow on the weekend, I did go shopping to and got some prim goodies from a local shop and I went back to the one antique shop and she immediately told me she just got a crock in and that she knew I loved crocks so I bought it and for only $10, and I also got a wooden antique box that I'm hoping to put a fall display in it on my table. While we were out we got some small cucumbers and fresh Ontario apples ~nothing tastes better than our local produce!! I'm hoping to make some pickles in the morning if nothing else happens, lol.
It's been really hot and humid again here, temps in the 40's with the humidity and it makes you feel like doing nothing.I hope a slightly cooler weather is on the way, not too cool, but cooler than what we have been getting. On a good note, school starts in 6 days, whoohoo!! I love my kids, but it's time!! And this year, my youngest son Kaedyn starts JK so he will go Mondays, Wednesdays and every other Friday, all day, so I will finally get some "me time" and enjoy whatever it is that I do... hopefully my crafts :)
Anyhow, that's about it, hope everyone is having a great week :)

Blessings, Trish