William and Henrietta Boyd, picture taken before 1910

William and Henrietta Boyd, picture taken before 1910
The very first Boyd's to live in our home, my husband's great great grandparents..now I know where my youngest son gets his looks from!

December 25, 2012

Wishing all my family and friends, near and far, a very Merry Christmas!!

Blessings and hugs,

Trish, xoxo 

October 19, 2012

Where have I been ?

Hi all, so sorry I haven't been around blogland much. I really miss being able to read everyone's blogs! Things have been hectic and a little tough around here. My 80 yr old mom has been very ill since the beginning of September, I won't get into details as she would shoot me if I she knew I talked about it on here, lol, but I have been going back and forth to help my siblings out taking caring of her, she is doing okay for now, the future we are not sure of and there are alot of important decisions to be made. My mom is my rock, the lady who keeps me grounded, cheers me up when I am blue and is always willing to lend a hand when her family needs it. It's my turn to do my best for her and to help out any way I can and it's hard when I live 45 mins away and have a family here at home to take care of. And on top of that, my husband has been out of work since the beginning of September, and although he has been putting resumes everywhere, there is just nothing yet :(  So here I thought that when school started and I would be on my own since all my kids are in school everyday now, I would get some me time to do the things I wanted to get done.....no chance of that right now, lol. 
Guess I'd better run, so much to do and not enough time in the day to do it! I hope to get some free time in to get to everyone's blogs!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week,

hugs and blessings,


p.s.,  BettyJ, thankyou for asking me if I was okay, it reminded me that I needed to get back on here since it's been so long :)

August 01, 2012

Isn't this cool!!

To all my family friends, tomorrow one of my friends (a Sanfilippo dad from Delaware) is leaving for Africa to climb Mt Kilimanjaro in order to raise funds to help find a cure for his 2 kids and all the others. He is taking this flag with h
im in honor of our kids. Rhys's name is below the middle of the letter "M" near the bottom!. Every MPS child or adult that has requested their name go to the top of the mountain is on there. Please follow his journey with us, pray he does well on his 10 day adventure. You can follow this at https://www.facebook.com/events/363769350337170/ and also http://www.teamsanfilippo.org/ There are several ways to donate, please take the time to check it and out and donate something, even only $10, as every dollar adds up. It can be as easy as Texting CLIMB to 72727. Thanks so much!! ♥

As some of you know, my 11 yr old son Rhys has MPS1 Hurlers Syndrome. We are honored and feel privildged to have his name amongst all the other MPS children and adults on this wonderful flag!

hugs, Trish 

July 30, 2012

Almost ready for new homes :)

Our newest editions to the family are almost ready for new homes!  I wanna keep the grey tabby, he is so sweet..oh heck, they all are! If I could keep them all I would but since we currently have 9 felines in the house, some of them have to go, lol.

July 25, 2012

Oh my, how fast the time has flown!!

Wow! I forgot how long it's been since I last posted!  Summer is halfway over with and it's been a busy one around here. I have had a hard time getting on my computer with the kids home, every time I go on it, they get bickering or fighting or just plain want me for something,lol. No rest for the wicked... Wish I could say we have been on vacation but we haven't :(  We want to take the kids camping or something since it's been six yrs since we have been anywhere, it's just hard with hubby working long hours and on the weekend too. This past Saturday, we got our oldest daughter to babysit for the night and hubby and I got a hotel room in a nearby town, had dinner and enjoyed some much needed quality time for ourselves. It was so nice!

Anyhow, my oldest son graduated from gr.8 in June and is on his way to high school in the fall, I can't believe the time has gone so fast, he was just not quite 2 when we moved out here. My oldest daughter is going into gr. 12, she still doesn't live at home, but is doing very well, working hard and amazed me by making up 8 credits that she missed over the years, all in one semester! She is now on track for graduating next year, I am so proud of her!! Rhys is going into gr6,Brynn is going into gr4 and Kaedyn, my baby, is entering gr1. I will now have every day to myself, whatever will I do?? lol.

So, we have been busy with our huge veggie garden, despite having little rain, things are growing not too badly, but we really do need the rain, not just a sprinkle but at least a day or 2 of good solid rain!  We are actually supposed to get a storm today, who knows what it will bring, hopefully no tornadoes but with the heat and humidity anything is possible.

On the July 1 rst Canada weekend, hubby and I went on a road trip , the kids were camping with grandma and grandpa :) It was a nice drive and we stopped in at various antique shops and yard sales.  Of course I have been to a few auctions as well ( hubby is cursing me for bringing home more things than we have room for lol)  Anyhow, the one yardsale we went to, I spied a lovely antique wood tub stand with the wringer and gavalnized steel tubs and a wood handled washer thingy, forgot what it's called. To my surprise, my wonderful hubby bought it for me!  He spied some old gas cans ( I think I finally got him smitten with antiques so these are what he is starting to collect).   I also found another antique tub stand on kijiji for a really good price so I had to have it! along with various crocks ,whipple trees,washboards etc.  My porch is getting filled lol.

Tomorrow I am planning on making cucumber bread with some of the overflowing cucumbers our garden has provided. I have never made it before so wish me luck.

Hope all of my followers are having a fantastic summer! Stay cool if you can :)

hugs and blessings,Trish

June 07, 2012

I have missed you all!!

Good evening every one! Oh how I have missed you all :) Remember my last post where I was having troubles with our internet? Ugh, well we completely lost our connection for 2 weeks :P After numerous attempts to have someone come out and fix it, and appts made for them to do it and non shows without calling to let us know, they finally showed up today! So we are back online thank goodness, we were getting tired of playing solotaire on the computer, lol. I haven't been this frustrated in a long time since we paid for the entire service for the year up front. I want to thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes, they meant so much to me!
hmm, so what is new around here? Well we got our 40 by 100 foot veggie garden ready and things are growing nicely! Corn,onions,lettuce,tomatoes,potatoes,beans,carrots(well they are not growing well, lol), radishes, strawberries, cucumbers, both regular and pickling ones, water melon, cantalope, peppers, and best of all, weeds! NOT!!  We bought 2 apple trees and a plum tree as well.  My flower gardens are doing well when the  chickens are not digging up the flowers or eating the petals.  2 weeks ago we had a surprise hatch of 3 chicks, hatched out by one of the americauna hens that was given to us. I have a banty hen sitting under the old snowmobile with loads of eggs under her too and they should be hatching soon.  Under our new porch, a robin family built a nest and Monday, 4 baby robins hatched out and I get to see them through our front screen door all the time, it is so cute. As well, our cat Spyder who snuck outside in April, is expecting very soon another litter of kittens. We were just about to get her spayed when she got outside for the night and found the barn cat Tommy, the father of her last 2 litters. So spring has been very busy with the critters around here but I love it!!

Back in May, we had an F0 tornado touch down not ten minutes from us. I just missed it by about 5 minutes when I was driving to go get my daughter to take her to driving lessons.  I had to drive right up the road it went through and didn't even know one touched down til later. I drove through the after effects I guess, washed out road, heavy down pours  and watched river like flooding racing through the farm fields. Thanks goodness nothing was really damaged and nobody was hurt but I was scared as I had left my oldest son home with my youngest daughter while I went and my husband had not come home from work yet.  I shudder to think what might have happened if that tornado had come our way!

Tomorrow is a P.A. day for my kids, I don't know why since school is out in less than 3 weeks! This weekend is going to very busy. I can't say why just in case a certain family member stumbles on here and finds out, lol, but I will tell you all afterwards :)

Hoping you are all having a fantastic week and I just wanted to stop by and let you know why I haven't been on here. Guess I have alot of catching up to do eh?

Have a great night!

hugs, Trish

May 17, 2012

It's almost Friday...and my birthday :) Okay, another year gone by, I won't say how old I will be, lol.  On Monday, I got a surprise in the mailbox, a special birthday card from Linda at Parker's Paradise! It really started my week of great and I truly do appreciate her thoughtfulness and kindness, thank you so much Linda!!

Our internet has been crappy all week, since we live in a valley with hills and trees all around us, the reception is getting really bad and we need to get an extension rod put on our t.v. antenna for the reciever for the internet. With all the leaves out on the trees it is getting blocked :( I am actually surprised that I am able to post right now. Mother's Day was lovely, we went shopping for my gifts on Sunday,  I picked out a Hydrangea bush, and an Azalea bush, I want to go back and get a bloomerang lilac bush that flowers all summer long, maybe for my birthday :) The kids picked out some strawberry plants and my son bought a Gay Feather plant with his own money. Hubby bought an apple tree :)  We are hoping to get our veggie garden planted this weekend as it's the May 24 weekend and Monday is a holiday, the weather is supposed to be hot and sunny!!

It's been a pretty good week, the kids want to take me out to dinner tomorrow night for my birthday, it all depends on how late James works, he's been pretty busy and with the long weekend coming up, everyone is going to want their septic and holding tanks done...hopefully he won't get called in over the weekend, lol.

Well, I had better get off of here before my internet goes on me!

Hope you all had a wonderful week!

hugs, Trish

May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day :)

Just wanted to wish all my wonderful blogging friends a special and blessed Mother's Day!

 I am told that I get to sleep in...ya right, who is going to get up and take the dogs out first thing for the bathroom break, lol. And I get breakfast in bed?? hmm last year hubby had to work so the kids surprised me with their best efforts, toast, without butter and cold, lol, and microwaved tea without the sugar and milk, luke warm by the time they got it up to me, haha. Ah well, it was the thought that counts!! This year, knock on wood hubby doesn't get a call for work, I will have side bacon from our piggies, and fresh eggs from our hens, and hot coffee courtesy of our Mr. Coffee Keurig machine :) The kids have told me that I don't have to do any house work...I may be worried as this could mean they will do it, or they will leave it for me to do on Monday...hmmm.  Oh well, it is suppose to be a bit rainy so I think a lazy day may be in order unless we go out to pick out my Mother's Day gift :)

hope you are all having a wonderful weekend and that you enjoy your well earned special day tomorrow!!

hugs and blessings, Trish

May 10, 2012

I am still alive, lol

Wow! I don't know where the time has gone? I have been slacking on updating here and visiting everyone's blogs that I love so much to read. I really just haven't had much spare time and when I do get some quiet time, I am pooped out.  The Nickelback concert was amazing! My daughter and I took the GO train into the city and didn't get lost, amazing :) We had great seats and got lots of pictures. Cannot wait to see them again! April 30th was my miracle son Rhys's 11th birthday, can't believe he is growing up and so blessed that he is doing so well and still with us. 10 yrs ago he was celebrating his first birthday in the hospital after his bmt transplant.He had just come out of ICU after having a major lung hemmorage. At that time we were not sure if he would celebrate another birthday because on Mother's Day weekend, he landed himself right back down there and spent 2 months on a ventilator and his entire body was shutting down, we were told he was not going to make it. But he did and after many hospital stays that year and spending his 2 nd birthday in there, he has managed to pretty much keep himself out of the hospital other them his 2 vp shunt replacements and yearly checkups from his bmt docs, neurology and genetics. So here we are, so proud to celebrate another year with him!
Anyhow, we have been working outside lots,  our front porch has the roof on it and just needs the eavestrough on. Then I am going to decorate it! My husband bought an antique 1948 ford 8N tractor for us to use around the farm for smaller chores. He got a plow put on it and has been trying to work up an area for a veggie garden after he gets home from work each night. My flower gardens are coming up nicely and I have purchased some shrubs to plant along with some more perennial plants. We still have most of our chickens although we lost one hen due to something grabbing her when she was in the wooded area and my favourite banty hen Martha was killed by something that beheaded her and left her on the front lawn :( Than my hubby accidently ran over my all white americauna hen last week when he was backing up the truck. For some reason, the chickens like to hang out under the vehicles and do not like to move out of the way.  ***sigh***. I am now working on getting my business started working at home which takes up some of my time as well, but being able to work at home is great!   The kids have been busy raising money for The Cops For Cancer fundraiser by doing a readathon.For such a small school, they raised quite a bit of money!!
I am slowly losing weight for the National MPS Society charity, working out to Shaun T and his hip hop abs dvd, something easy for me lol, and fun and I am losing inches!!  The weather today was chilly and windy, it almost felt like winter without the snow. I almost had to put my mini gloves on because the chill bothers my Raynaud's syndrome and my fingers go bluey white  and numb briefly.  I cannot wait til summer gets here! Oh well, the weekend is looking good although my husband has to work Saturday and is on call for Sunday, busy time of the year when everyone needs their septic tanks emptied :)
 Tomorrow I have more planting to do and weeding and I am on my own so will make things easier to do.

Guess I should get off to bed soon, thought I would stop in and say hello! Thank you Steph for emailing me to check and see if things were okay! You are a true friend!
Hoping you are all having a great week and Happy Friday tomorrow!

hugs and blessings, Trish

April 24, 2012

I have my hearing back and snow.....

Hey everyone! For some of you it's a snowy day, we had snow stuck to the ground this morning, i was not pleased at all :(  Most of it has melted but it's still snowing and raining and very windy....raw temps, blah! i had to dig out the winter coats again :P

Well, as most of you know, I was going to the Nickleback concert Sunday evening.  My daughter and I took the go train into Toronto and amazingly did not get lost, lol. All I csn say is...WOW!!! What an awesome time with 4 great bands and the light shows and pyros were out of this world!  Nickleback and Bush were the best but Seether and My Darkest Days were great too! I finally have my hearing back, lol, and my voice back...much to my kids disappointment, :D  But what a once in a life time experience! I had the best time sharing this experience with my daughter and we can't wait to see them again!  Here are some pics from my cell phone, not great but my daughter has to upload her good pics she took on her camera. Sorry they are sideways, lol.   I have to upload the pics of my goodies from last week and the sunflower bowl fillers that I bought from Deb over at Paxton Valley Folk Art arrived last Friday and are simply too cute!  Thanks Deb :) 
I will be back soon with more pics, hope you are having a fabulous day and thanks for stopping by!

hugs, Trish

April 19, 2012

beautiful Thursday and the countdown is on!

Afternoon everyone!  It's a gorgeous day on our little farm. The sun is shining, a nice warm breeze is blowing and it is suppose to get up to 20 degrees! hmmm, what have I been up to?  Well, planting bulbs in my vintage tin sap buckets, planting flower seeds, running around like crazy! On the weekend I took Brynn to an auction for a few hours. We couldn't stay long as she had a birthday party to go to but I did walk out of there with a cut tin watering can and a wooden salt box. Of course when we had to leave, they were getting to the good stuff that I wanted to bid on :(   There is another auction on Sunday but unfortunately I can't go as the Nickleback concert is that night and I think hubby would shoot me if I spent more money on the auction, lol. Tuesday's outing scored me an old cast iron ash bucket, an enamelware teapot and potatoe pot and a copper tub that I will use to put flowers in :)  Yesterday I went for a haircut and came out with a totally different style!  No more long hair, it's quite short and they put in hi lights at a discount! Even though I have said for years that I would never have my hair short again, I must say that I love my do and I feel like a brand new person!  Tomorrow I am heading out to see a lady who is selling off all her prim decorations...she must have had a shop at one point, but she has everything set up in her garage for people to come an see. She is selling them less than wholesale so who knows what I will come home with :D I had better hide what ever I get and slowly put them out so nobody notices, lol.   Our front porch is almost done! It's 32 feet by 10 feet and wraps around to the back door. My father in law has been coming over this week and at the age of 71 is still climbing the ladders and carrying up heavy particle board for the roof. He is here today put shingles on before it rains. I cannot wait til it's all finished so we can sit out it and enjoy the evenings :)  Well, I was thinking of maybe grabbing a small nap but not sure with all the hammering. Hoping you are all having a fabulous day and I will post pics of my goodies soon!

take care, Trish

April 13, 2012

Happy Friday morning!!

Hello all, I have not had much time to post in a bit. Things have been happening around here, I thought I was having a string of bad luck :(  Last week I was heading to the gas station to fill up before the prices went even higher, thought I was being smart by going before it got dark out.  My mistake, I blew a tire on the highway, it was a bad blowout, something like you would see a transport do. If i had been any closer to the big cement wall that is a noise barrier for the nearby town, it could of been much worse. Unfortunately the tire wrecked the front headlight and broke the support bar under the hood of our van. Thank goodness for cell phones, cause hubby came quickly to change the tire and I made him drive the van home while I followed in the truck. By than it was dark out. I thank all the wonderful people who stopped to see if I was okay, they were on the other side of the highway and actually turned around and traveled back to where I was. I have been so leery of driving now....but yesterday I was able to get in and get 4 brand new tires installed so I am good to go!  Easter weekend was great, it was my son Kaedyn's 6 th birthday on Sunday so he got double the surprise! The kids had a blast Easter egg hunting and the weather was beautiful. We had my inlaws over for dinner and all was going good until the power went out around 3 PM, thank goodness my turkey was done cooking but I hadn't started the potaoes yet, so we cooked them on the bbq, it took awhile but it worked. We had figured that the whole area was out of power so we never called. the hydro company . It wasn't until after dessert that I said decided I had better call. We ate by candle light, it was quite nice :) Anyhow, turns out it was just us out of power, the wire that attaches to our pole had dropped off so there was no supply to the house. They came within 20 mins to hook it back up! Just in time because with a house full of people and being on a well and pump that runs the water tank....well, you catch my drift,lol  We made some really good memories though :)

I am jumping up and down in excitement! I was able to get tickets to the Nickleback Concert in Toronto for next Sunday! I have been wanting to see them for a long time and there are 3 other really good bands playing that night too. Hubby was suppose to go but he has to work the next day so he said he would watch the kids and told me to take our oldest daughter. at first I don't think she wanted to go with her old mom, lol, but now she is getting excited too, it's her first concert!  So this means a haircut and color is on tap for this week and maybe a bit of clothe shopping is in order to get ready :D

Well, I have to run, have laundry to hang out, it's the last day of sunshine for a bit, the weekend is supposed to be rainy.
Hoping everyone has a fabulous Friday!!

hugs, Trish

March 30, 2012

On a mission...

Good evening everyone! It's been a busy week for us here. With the chickens arriving Monday and our piggies going on Wednesday night ( what a chore that was!), the weather has been cold and raw and we are to get a snow storm tonight :(   Starting April 1 rst, myself and a bunch of other MPS parents are on a mission...to lose weight!  we have 2 months to try and reach our goal and for every pound we lose, we donate a dollar to the National MPS Society to help research and find a cure for our children!  I have lost 4 lbs since the weekend, yippee, my goal is to lose 20 lbs but I will go for more, lol. I have been taking our 2 dogs for 30 min walks almost every day this past week, on top of yard work and house cleaning...did you know there is website that gives you how much calories you burn, even doing house work?  It's awesome! I am also on a 1200 daily calorie diet...not easy to stick too, and here I am eating doritos and having a beer, lol, I am hungry!! But in the end, it is so worth it!  So wish me luck on my newest adventure please :)

Hoping you all have had a great week and have a wonderful weekend, hoping the weather is good for us and that we don't get too much snow, we want to get more work done on  our front porch!

Have a great night everyone,

hugs and blessings, Trish

March 27, 2012


Well, now that I am back from the feed store with another waterer and feeder for the birds, and back from my half hour walk( more like drag me) with Roxy and Zoey, I was able to snap a few more pics of the chickens and my chair and wash board. Hoping you are all having a great day!

hugs, Trish

March 26, 2012

New Chickens and cold weather...

Well, here is one pic of a few new chickens that arrived today...White americauna and a white Silkie named Snowball. In the background is the rear of a black rooster, not sure but it looks like a large Polish and than you can barely see her, but an orange and black americauna.  I willtry and get more pics up tomorrow if they sit still lol. All toll there are 4 roosters (meaning I have 5) and 10 hens not including the ones I already had. The darn birds refused to go into the coop tonight and hid in the old dog house so I had to wait until it was almost dark and get them one by one by the tail and pull them out to put them in the coop. It is quite funny to hear the crowing contest going on...hope the neighbors don't mind!
Saturday I went to an auction spur of the moment...was there for only 2 hrs as we had to go and get new shoes for Rhys to wear his leg braces in...hubby had gone to work for a few hrs in the morning and wasn't happy that I scooted out with the kids to of all places an auction lol. Oh well. I got a green wing back chair for $10 and a wash board with tin for the scrubber instead of glass or wood. Never seen one like it before :) Will also have to post pics of them too!  Sunday was beautiful and sunny so hubby spent the day mixing cement and spreading it on the front porch and inserted the braces for the supports for the roof.  Can't wait til it's all done than I will have something to sit under and enjoy having evening drinks in the summer :)  Today was quite chilly again, nothing like last week. They are calling for freezing rain tomorrow, can you believe it?  I guess we were getting spoiled last week :(So back to using the wood stove again for a bit but it's nice and cosy in here. I am off to bed now, my feet hurt so much I can hardly walk.  Have a great night everyone!

Hugs, Trish

March 23, 2012

March 21, 2012

Hi everyone! Hope you all enjoyed your day!  We had another warm, sunny day here, in fact it was too hot! I like this weather but it is too soon for it, we aren't able to slowly get used to it. My daughter Brynn came home from school early feeling ill from the heat and I was getting a horrible headache and neck ache and felt sick to my stomach from it.  It got up to 25 degrees here celsius, but the humidity made it feel hotter. This weekend it is supposed to get back to normal temps, 8 to 10 degrees for a high... I think there are going to be alot of peoples sick from the drastic change in the weather :(
Tomorrow is a busy day for me, my son Rhys is finally getting his leg braces! I have never seen a kid so excited about getting the braces, he said he would wear them to bed, lol.  As long as they work and help to turn his legs back into proper position, I will be happy as he walks with his legs and feet turned out and he is flat footed...a side effect of him having Hurlers Syndrome :( Oh well, they are being custom made with Mario from the game Mario Kart...Rhys got to choose!
Monday I am getting more chickens, a friend of mine and called to see if I would like to have hers as she needed to find a good home for them. There are different types, some silkies ( I have wanted one of those forever), and Americaunas, and a Polish cross,lol. They lay blue/green eggs. I will post pics when I get them :)

Well, I need to get to bed....I finally broke down and opened the window tonight for sleeping, hope those silly frogs don't keep me awake!

Have a wonderful day tomorrow!

hugs, Trish

March 20, 2012

Welcome to the first day of Spring!!!

It's a very foggy day today but there is no snow so I am not complaining!!  Last night the frogs were so loud outside that my beagle Roxy was scared to go out to the bathroom,lol, I don't think she has ever heard frogs in the ponds before :) she has alot to learn living on the farm! I wanted to keep the windows open last night for sleeping as it was pretty warm upstairs but I would not have been able to sleep so we kept them closed.  This morning I am on my own, all the kids are in school today...I need that, yesterday my almost 6 yr old was home as he is on every other days for school, he drove me batty, lol.  So I am sipping on a new type of coffee, Rainforest blend, it's strong! I think I can get another cup out  the pack :) Than some cleaning and perhaps some crafts. I am trying to figure out what to do with these foam eggs I got at the dollar store on the weekend...hmmm, we shall see what I come up with, I need to learn how to be more crafty!

Have a wonderful first day of Spring everyone!! 

hugs and blessings,


March 19, 2012

Is it spring yet??

Good morning!  The sun is shining and the birds are singing, my rooster is crowing VERY loudly...nothing like getting up before the sun is up to get the dogs out to the bathroom and hearing my silly chicken waking up and all the birds chirping away!  The weather has been amazing! Yesterday at 5 PM while I was bbq'g I went up to the barn to look at the thermometer and it was reading 70 degrees!!  In a way it was almost a tad humid out. I will not complain, didn't need to start the woodstove and we were sweating under all our blankets, lol. I have temporarily put our winter coats,snowpants, hats and mitts away, but not too far away because you just never know when the weather could throw us a curveball!!
It's been busy around our home, hubby was building a wood contraption to put on the trailer so we can take the pigs to the butcher...it may not look pretty but it is solid and I hinted that it will be good for when we bring home any more farm animals to add to our family...maybe a goat or 2, or a few sheep or even a small calf or perhaps an alpaca:)  Okay, I have to do ALOT of hinting or nagging if I want to get any of these critters and we need to build some fenced in areas to put them , but I can dream for awhile. 
We are also getting ready to make a new cement porch and walkway so that we can build a covered porch on the front of the house! Whoohoo!! Got the cement gravel delivered on Thursday and hubs has to build the frame too keep the cement in and level, but I am so excited! My father inlaw will be coming to help, he is good a building things :)

Okay, so I have always wondered how Betty, a fellow blogger, has the most delicious coffees on for her visitors :)  I think I may know now, lol. Saturday I splurged and bought one of those Mr. Coffee Keurig machines that brews the different flavored coffees and teas in those k-cups...I went to a warehouse in Bowmanville yesterday to buy some flavored beverages and low and behold, I saw all the flavors that Betty has mentioned!! I could have spent the whole day there deciding on what to get, lol.  So I mixed and matched and will be back there this week to get more...hubby likes having a good coffee in the morning before work and it brews so fast :)  One flavor I won't buy again is the MUDSLIDE!! It tasted..well..like...DIRT, lol.  Don't ask me how I know what dirt tastes like :)

Well, I think i had better get off of here and get the laundry hung outside before it rains, and I have plenty of housecleaning to do now that March break is over and the kids are back in school.

Have a wonderful spring Monday everyone!!

Hugs and blessings, Trish

March 17, 2012

Good evening everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend !  
I was having a good day with the kids, took the 3 youngest out shopping and found ourselves at the goodwill store again. Got 2 pairs of rubber boots and 2 pairs of running shoes since their feet are growing so fast and couldn't beat the prices, lol. also got a great big bag of Kinex building toys for them to keep busy with :D  We went to the mall and into Dollarama where I spent a little too much money, haha, got some spring artificial flowers, arts and crafts supplies and garden decorations. By the time I got home I was starting to feel icky, so here I am in bed with the chills...hoping I am not coming down with anything! The weather has been mild but today it's been damp and that isn't helping. Hopefully I am feeling better tomorrow cause I am suppose to go grocery shopping and do the price match thing at Walmart and without the little kids ( I have had them all on my own for 6 days already and kind of need a bit of a break!)
So my plans for tonight are to catch up on some blog reading and go to bed early :)

Have a great night,

hugs, Trish
Help!! For some reason I cannot see my followers list on here :(  I tried adding a members gadget and in the preview it showed up, but after I saved it, it all gone! If anyone can give me advise, please do :) 



March 13, 2012

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The muddy pigpen...my these pigs are getting huge!!
Well bucket
Prim watering can

I think spring is here! Good morning everyone :) It's a beautiful day today, a tad windy but the temp is very agreeable. It's sunny out but it looks like the clouds are rolling in. I was so looking forward to hanging my laundry out today, oh how they smell so fresh and clean after hanging on the clothes line....but it's too windy and I am sure the clothes would be on the ground in no time and than would need to be rewashed :P Oh well, the kids are home on March break so they helped to yard cleanup, there was tons of garbage that had blown around over the winter . We got one garden raked out part of the yard raked, we have a huge yard, lol so we will do it in stages. The kids are now having a picnic on the livingroom floor, away from the bugs....yep the flies are out like crazy, and the ladybugs, haha.
Well, Sunday I got to go to the auction, I got a free pass from my son Rhys who asked me if I should be going, lol, he knows the routine of auctions on Sunday's. I think he wanted me out of the house so he could watch the race! I had the alarm clock all set, including the daylight savings time, and yet somehow I ended up sleeping in :( Anyhow, I asked my daughter Brynn if she wanted to go and she did so off we went. It was really busy, I think the nice weather brought everyone out of hibernation! And it was lonnngggg...yawn, the things we wanted were of course near the end. I did get a few things, a prim watering can, an old wooden well bucket, a wooden magazine basket (for me to repaint !) and a big box of Bobbsey Twin books and horses novels for Brynn to read. So we only spent $30, we did well! We came home in time for our first bbq dinner of the year, seasoned pork roast done on the bbq, steaks, mashed potatoes, macaroni an coleslaw salads, corn, mixed veggies, and of course cake and ice cream because it was grandpa's birthday! It was a lovely weekend all in all :)

Well, I am going to go take some pics of my goodies so I can show you all,
Be back soon!
Have a splendid day everyone!!

hugs, Trish