William and Henrietta Boyd, picture taken before 1910

William and Henrietta Boyd, picture taken before 1910
The very first Boyd's to live in our home, my husband's great great grandparents..now I know where my youngest son gets his looks from!

March 30, 2012

On a mission...

Good evening everyone! It's been a busy week for us here. With the chickens arriving Monday and our piggies going on Wednesday night ( what a chore that was!), the weather has been cold and raw and we are to get a snow storm tonight :(   Starting April 1 rst, myself and a bunch of other MPS parents are on a mission...to lose weight!  we have 2 months to try and reach our goal and for every pound we lose, we donate a dollar to the National MPS Society to help research and find a cure for our children!  I have lost 4 lbs since the weekend, yippee, my goal is to lose 20 lbs but I will go for more, lol. I have been taking our 2 dogs for 30 min walks almost every day this past week, on top of yard work and house cleaning...did you know there is website that gives you how much calories you burn, even doing house work?  It's awesome! I am also on a 1200 daily calorie diet...not easy to stick too, and here I am eating doritos and having a beer, lol, I am hungry!! But in the end, it is so worth it!  So wish me luck on my newest adventure please :)

Hoping you all have had a great week and have a wonderful weekend, hoping the weather is good for us and that we don't get too much snow, we want to get more work done on  our front porch!

Have a great night everyone,

hugs and blessings, Trish

March 27, 2012


Well, now that I am back from the feed store with another waterer and feeder for the birds, and back from my half hour walk( more like drag me) with Roxy and Zoey, I was able to snap a few more pics of the chickens and my chair and wash board. Hoping you are all having a great day!

hugs, Trish

March 26, 2012

New Chickens and cold weather...

Well, here is one pic of a few new chickens that arrived today...White americauna and a white Silkie named Snowball. In the background is the rear of a black rooster, not sure but it looks like a large Polish and than you can barely see her, but an orange and black americauna.  I willtry and get more pics up tomorrow if they sit still lol. All toll there are 4 roosters (meaning I have 5) and 10 hens not including the ones I already had. The darn birds refused to go into the coop tonight and hid in the old dog house so I had to wait until it was almost dark and get them one by one by the tail and pull them out to put them in the coop. It is quite funny to hear the crowing contest going on...hope the neighbors don't mind!
Saturday I went to an auction spur of the moment...was there for only 2 hrs as we had to go and get new shoes for Rhys to wear his leg braces in...hubby had gone to work for a few hrs in the morning and wasn't happy that I scooted out with the kids to of all places an auction lol. Oh well. I got a green wing back chair for $10 and a wash board with tin for the scrubber instead of glass or wood. Never seen one like it before :) Will also have to post pics of them too!  Sunday was beautiful and sunny so hubby spent the day mixing cement and spreading it on the front porch and inserted the braces for the supports for the roof.  Can't wait til it's all done than I will have something to sit under and enjoy having evening drinks in the summer :)  Today was quite chilly again, nothing like last week. They are calling for freezing rain tomorrow, can you believe it?  I guess we were getting spoiled last week :(So back to using the wood stove again for a bit but it's nice and cosy in here. I am off to bed now, my feet hurt so much I can hardly walk.  Have a great night everyone!

Hugs, Trish

March 23, 2012

March 21, 2012

Hi everyone! Hope you all enjoyed your day!  We had another warm, sunny day here, in fact it was too hot! I like this weather but it is too soon for it, we aren't able to slowly get used to it. My daughter Brynn came home from school early feeling ill from the heat and I was getting a horrible headache and neck ache and felt sick to my stomach from it.  It got up to 25 degrees here celsius, but the humidity made it feel hotter. This weekend it is supposed to get back to normal temps, 8 to 10 degrees for a high... I think there are going to be alot of peoples sick from the drastic change in the weather :(
Tomorrow is a busy day for me, my son Rhys is finally getting his leg braces! I have never seen a kid so excited about getting the braces, he said he would wear them to bed, lol.  As long as they work and help to turn his legs back into proper position, I will be happy as he walks with his legs and feet turned out and he is flat footed...a side effect of him having Hurlers Syndrome :( Oh well, they are being custom made with Mario from the game Mario Kart...Rhys got to choose!
Monday I am getting more chickens, a friend of mine and called to see if I would like to have hers as she needed to find a good home for them. There are different types, some silkies ( I have wanted one of those forever), and Americaunas, and a Polish cross,lol. They lay blue/green eggs. I will post pics when I get them :)

Well, I need to get to bed....I finally broke down and opened the window tonight for sleeping, hope those silly frogs don't keep me awake!

Have a wonderful day tomorrow!

hugs, Trish

March 20, 2012

Welcome to the first day of Spring!!!

It's a very foggy day today but there is no snow so I am not complaining!!  Last night the frogs were so loud outside that my beagle Roxy was scared to go out to the bathroom,lol, I don't think she has ever heard frogs in the ponds before :) she has alot to learn living on the farm! I wanted to keep the windows open last night for sleeping as it was pretty warm upstairs but I would not have been able to sleep so we kept them closed.  This morning I am on my own, all the kids are in school today...I need that, yesterday my almost 6 yr old was home as he is on every other days for school, he drove me batty, lol.  So I am sipping on a new type of coffee, Rainforest blend, it's strong! I think I can get another cup out  the pack :) Than some cleaning and perhaps some crafts. I am trying to figure out what to do with these foam eggs I got at the dollar store on the weekend...hmmm, we shall see what I come up with, I need to learn how to be more crafty!

Have a wonderful first day of Spring everyone!! 

hugs and blessings,


March 19, 2012

Is it spring yet??

Good morning!  The sun is shining and the birds are singing, my rooster is crowing VERY loudly...nothing like getting up before the sun is up to get the dogs out to the bathroom and hearing my silly chicken waking up and all the birds chirping away!  The weather has been amazing! Yesterday at 5 PM while I was bbq'g I went up to the barn to look at the thermometer and it was reading 70 degrees!!  In a way it was almost a tad humid out. I will not complain, didn't need to start the woodstove and we were sweating under all our blankets, lol. I have temporarily put our winter coats,snowpants, hats and mitts away, but not too far away because you just never know when the weather could throw us a curveball!!
It's been busy around our home, hubby was building a wood contraption to put on the trailer so we can take the pigs to the butcher...it may not look pretty but it is solid and I hinted that it will be good for when we bring home any more farm animals to add to our family...maybe a goat or 2, or a few sheep or even a small calf or perhaps an alpaca:)  Okay, I have to do ALOT of hinting or nagging if I want to get any of these critters and we need to build some fenced in areas to put them , but I can dream for awhile. 
We are also getting ready to make a new cement porch and walkway so that we can build a covered porch on the front of the house! Whoohoo!! Got the cement gravel delivered on Thursday and hubs has to build the frame too keep the cement in and level, but I am so excited! My father inlaw will be coming to help, he is good a building things :)

Okay, so I have always wondered how Betty, a fellow blogger, has the most delicious coffees on for her visitors :)  I think I may know now, lol. Saturday I splurged and bought one of those Mr. Coffee Keurig machines that brews the different flavored coffees and teas in those k-cups...I went to a warehouse in Bowmanville yesterday to buy some flavored beverages and low and behold, I saw all the flavors that Betty has mentioned!! I could have spent the whole day there deciding on what to get, lol.  So I mixed and matched and will be back there this week to get more...hubby likes having a good coffee in the morning before work and it brews so fast :)  One flavor I won't buy again is the MUDSLIDE!! It tasted..well..like...DIRT, lol.  Don't ask me how I know what dirt tastes like :)

Well, I think i had better get off of here and get the laundry hung outside before it rains, and I have plenty of housecleaning to do now that March break is over and the kids are back in school.

Have a wonderful spring Monday everyone!!

Hugs and blessings, Trish

March 17, 2012

Good evening everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend !  
I was having a good day with the kids, took the 3 youngest out shopping and found ourselves at the goodwill store again. Got 2 pairs of rubber boots and 2 pairs of running shoes since their feet are growing so fast and couldn't beat the prices, lol. also got a great big bag of Kinex building toys for them to keep busy with :D  We went to the mall and into Dollarama where I spent a little too much money, haha, got some spring artificial flowers, arts and crafts supplies and garden decorations. By the time I got home I was starting to feel icky, so here I am in bed with the chills...hoping I am not coming down with anything! The weather has been mild but today it's been damp and that isn't helping. Hopefully I am feeling better tomorrow cause I am suppose to go grocery shopping and do the price match thing at Walmart and without the little kids ( I have had them all on my own for 6 days already and kind of need a bit of a break!)
So my plans for tonight are to catch up on some blog reading and go to bed early :)

Have a great night,

hugs, Trish
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March 13, 2012

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The muddy pigpen...my these pigs are getting huge!!
Well bucket
Prim watering can

I think spring is here! Good morning everyone :) It's a beautiful day today, a tad windy but the temp is very agreeable. It's sunny out but it looks like the clouds are rolling in. I was so looking forward to hanging my laundry out today, oh how they smell so fresh and clean after hanging on the clothes line....but it's too windy and I am sure the clothes would be on the ground in no time and than would need to be rewashed :P Oh well, the kids are home on March break so they helped to yard cleanup, there was tons of garbage that had blown around over the winter . We got one garden raked out part of the yard raked, we have a huge yard, lol so we will do it in stages. The kids are now having a picnic on the livingroom floor, away from the bugs....yep the flies are out like crazy, and the ladybugs, haha.
Well, Sunday I got to go to the auction, I got a free pass from my son Rhys who asked me if I should be going, lol, he knows the routine of auctions on Sunday's. I think he wanted me out of the house so he could watch the race! I had the alarm clock all set, including the daylight savings time, and yet somehow I ended up sleeping in :( Anyhow, I asked my daughter Brynn if she wanted to go and she did so off we went. It was really busy, I think the nice weather brought everyone out of hibernation! And it was lonnngggg...yawn, the things we wanted were of course near the end. I did get a few things, a prim watering can, an old wooden well bucket, a wooden magazine basket (for me to repaint !) and a big box of Bobbsey Twin books and horses novels for Brynn to read. So we only spent $30, we did well! We came home in time for our first bbq dinner of the year, seasoned pork roast done on the bbq, steaks, mashed potatoes, macaroni an coleslaw salads, corn, mixed veggies, and of course cake and ice cream because it was grandpa's birthday! It was a lovely weekend all in all :)

Well, I am going to go take some pics of my goodies so I can show you all,
Be back soon!
Have a splendid day everyone!!

hugs, Trish

March 09, 2012

Good evening,

It's been a wintery day here, I was so hoping that after yesterday's heavy rainfall and warmer temp that winter would be gone....nope, it seems it did not want to stay away :( most of our ice and alot of our snow had melted and we had lots of mud and brown grass was showing , until today. All week it has been very windy and today we had snow, than hail and snow again. Enough to cover the ground and stick :P It's quite chilly out tonight and I hate bundling up to take the dogs out for potty breaks, lol. So tonight, I am sitting in the cozy livingroom with the fireplace on and watching my Friday night show...Canadian Pickers! Oh how I wish I had the money to travel across country going to peoples houses and pick through barns to find such wonderful treasures. Well at least I am learning what to look out for when I do venture out to antique shops and goodwill stores so i know what things are worth, lol.
Today was a P.A. day for my kids, than March break starts on Monday! I bet by the end of the week I will be frazzled. Perhaps my dear mother inlaw will take some of the kids for a few days to give me a break, she's good for doing that :D Sunday there is an auction that I'd like to go to and we are having my inlaws over for dinner to celebrate my father inlaws birthday, so I guess I will have to make sure all my house cleaning is done tomorrow and hope my hubby keeps it clean on Sunday if I do go to the auction....I won't hold my breath on my hubby keeping it tidy lol, because the NASCAR race is on again that day and everything takes a backseat when the race is on :( The weather is suppose to warm up nicely by Sunday hitting 14 degrees, that's in the almost 60 farenheit! Perhaps we will bbq dinner! And on Wednesday up to 16 or 17 so hopefully the kids can get outside and play and burn off their winter energy :)

Well, I think that's about it for tonight, I will get back to my show.....

Thanks so very much for stopping by for another visit, and I will be sure to post any pics if I get to the auction!

Have a wonderful night and stay warm,

Blessings, Trish

March 07, 2012

Goodwill finds from yesterday!

Wood country frame, I think I will paint it, and some cutting boards begging for a redo, lol
Green enamel splatter ware pitcher and plate, matching my splatterware basin from an auction :)
My beanpot and a redware type crock
Cute patchwork pillow, candlepan, rooster lampshade and red striped ticking fabric.

The pics might be hard to see detail, they are from my cell phone :P

Hope you are all having a great day! It's nice and sunny but oh so windy here, hold onto your hats!!

hugs, Trish

March 06, 2012

Goodwill shopping succesful...pics to come soon!

Well my morning went very well, lots of goodies but my wallet did not like it, lol. I ventured out today since I won't have a vehicle tomorrow as our new to us van is getting some work done to it. I took my 16 yr old daughter with me, yes I let her miss morning classes at school..what an awesome mother I am right? Well she needed some clothes and she is always begging me to take her to the second hand stores, so off we went. She found some really nice used high end shirts and they were on sale for a couple of bucks... many were American Eagle brand and up here in Canada these tops are worth top dollar, she also got a really nice winter coat, another top brand, for $3 and she picked up a few things for her boyfriend. I paid for them and she is paying me back once she get paid from her work. Thank goodness she was with me, she spotted something she knew I would like and shouted to me to come over to where she was...she had found a splatterware enamel pitcher and plate (these were large) and they matched a large basin that I had won at an auction before Christmas. They are green and white....I think the green caught her attention since it's one of her fav colors, lol. I also found some more small wooden bowls for me to paint, a wood country picture frame, some mason jars and a mason jar mug with a rooster on it, a large bean pot, and a smaller reddish crock thingy and 3 Leap Frog learning devices with the games and booklets to go with them. Also scored 2 yards of red and white stripe ticking material on half price which I think I will attempt to make a table runner with for our kitchen table. Of course there are a few odds and ends that I can't remember, lol...see I told you I got alot! Hoping to get pics up soon of my goodies :)

Hope you all had a wonderful day and have a great night!

hugs, Trish

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March 05, 2012

Sunny but chilly day...

Kitty Autumn just waking up in an Easter basket, not quite the Easter bunny, lol
quilt my mom passed down to me that was my grandmother's, it's close to 100 yrs old!
auction win...big enamelware pot
goodwill finds, will have to decide what I do with the bamboo wicker shaker box
spring colored wood bowls...can't have to many bowls :)
ebay cupboard hanger dress with bonnet and grunged booties, antique sock stretchers, beautiful blue bonnet from Lecia that I received out of the blue after Christmas... (I love her bonnets!)

Good afternoon everyone! The sun was shining brightly today, but it did not take away the chill... it has been very windy the past few days, Saturday it ripped the cover right off our portable shed, the winds were at least 90 km and hour and I thought the house was going to blow away! Ontop of that, my daughter Brynn was sick with a fever and chills and very weak. Today she was better but I kept her home to be sure. Tomorrow is my day where all the kids are in school, hopefully the weather will be nicer and I can get out, perhaps goodwill shopping again! You just never know what you are going to find and there are a few stores I haven't been into lately, so I am due a visit :)

Well, dinner is ready so I'd better go and feed the clan, apparently they are starving, lol.....baked chicken with mayonaise and romano cheese and baked potaoes with sour cream and a few veggies. Have a wonderful night everyone and stay warm!!!!

hugs, Trish