William and Henrietta Boyd, picture taken before 1910

William and Henrietta Boyd, picture taken before 1910
The very first Boyd's to live in our home, my husband's great great grandparents..now I know where my youngest son gets his looks from!

March 27, 2012


Well, now that I am back from the feed store with another waterer and feeder for the birds, and back from my half hour walk( more like drag me) with Roxy and Zoey, I was able to snap a few more pics of the chickens and my chair and wash board. Hoping you are all having a great day!

hugs, Trish


  1. Oh good...pictures ! Love the chair and washboard! I am thinking that is a roo in the first picture,maybe he is just a bit confusedby all the lovely ladies.LOL! Sweet birds and I am so happy that you have them.Hugs,Jen

  2. Your chickens look so proud!
    Love the washboard - it has a wonderful pattern!
    Have a great day!

  3. How fun to have chickens. My kids would go crazy if we had some. Your washboard is pretty. -Steph-