William and Henrietta Boyd, picture taken before 1910

William and Henrietta Boyd, picture taken before 1910
The very first Boyd's to live in our home, my husband's great great grandparents..now I know where my youngest son gets his looks from!

May 17, 2012

It's almost Friday...and my birthday :) Okay, another year gone by, I won't say how old I will be, lol.  On Monday, I got a surprise in the mailbox, a special birthday card from Linda at Parker's Paradise! It really started my week of great and I truly do appreciate her thoughtfulness and kindness, thank you so much Linda!!

Our internet has been crappy all week, since we live in a valley with hills and trees all around us, the reception is getting really bad and we need to get an extension rod put on our t.v. antenna for the reciever for the internet. With all the leaves out on the trees it is getting blocked :( I am actually surprised that I am able to post right now. Mother's Day was lovely, we went shopping for my gifts on Sunday,  I picked out a Hydrangea bush, and an Azalea bush, I want to go back and get a bloomerang lilac bush that flowers all summer long, maybe for my birthday :) The kids picked out some strawberry plants and my son bought a Gay Feather plant with his own money. Hubby bought an apple tree :)  We are hoping to get our veggie garden planted this weekend as it's the May 24 weekend and Monday is a holiday, the weather is supposed to be hot and sunny!!

It's been a pretty good week, the kids want to take me out to dinner tomorrow night for my birthday, it all depends on how late James works, he's been pretty busy and with the long weekend coming up, everyone is going to want their septic and holding tanks done...hopefully he won't get called in over the weekend, lol.

Well, I had better get off of here before my internet goes on me!

Hope you all had a wonderful week!

hugs, Trish

May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day :)

Just wanted to wish all my wonderful blogging friends a special and blessed Mother's Day!

 I am told that I get to sleep in...ya right, who is going to get up and take the dogs out first thing for the bathroom break, lol. And I get breakfast in bed?? hmm last year hubby had to work so the kids surprised me with their best efforts, toast, without butter and cold, lol, and microwaved tea without the sugar and milk, luke warm by the time they got it up to me, haha. Ah well, it was the thought that counts!! This year, knock on wood hubby doesn't get a call for work, I will have side bacon from our piggies, and fresh eggs from our hens, and hot coffee courtesy of our Mr. Coffee Keurig machine :) The kids have told me that I don't have to do any house work...I may be worried as this could mean they will do it, or they will leave it for me to do on Monday...hmmm.  Oh well, it is suppose to be a bit rainy so I think a lazy day may be in order unless we go out to pick out my Mother's Day gift :)

hope you are all having a wonderful weekend and that you enjoy your well earned special day tomorrow!!

hugs and blessings, Trish

May 10, 2012

I am still alive, lol

Wow! I don't know where the time has gone? I have been slacking on updating here and visiting everyone's blogs that I love so much to read. I really just haven't had much spare time and when I do get some quiet time, I am pooped out.  The Nickelback concert was amazing! My daughter and I took the GO train into the city and didn't get lost, amazing :) We had great seats and got lots of pictures. Cannot wait to see them again! April 30th was my miracle son Rhys's 11th birthday, can't believe he is growing up and so blessed that he is doing so well and still with us. 10 yrs ago he was celebrating his first birthday in the hospital after his bmt transplant.He had just come out of ICU after having a major lung hemmorage. At that time we were not sure if he would celebrate another birthday because on Mother's Day weekend, he landed himself right back down there and spent 2 months on a ventilator and his entire body was shutting down, we were told he was not going to make it. But he did and after many hospital stays that year and spending his 2 nd birthday in there, he has managed to pretty much keep himself out of the hospital other them his 2 vp shunt replacements and yearly checkups from his bmt docs, neurology and genetics. So here we are, so proud to celebrate another year with him!
Anyhow, we have been working outside lots,  our front porch has the roof on it and just needs the eavestrough on. Then I am going to decorate it! My husband bought an antique 1948 ford 8N tractor for us to use around the farm for smaller chores. He got a plow put on it and has been trying to work up an area for a veggie garden after he gets home from work each night. My flower gardens are coming up nicely and I have purchased some shrubs to plant along with some more perennial plants. We still have most of our chickens although we lost one hen due to something grabbing her when she was in the wooded area and my favourite banty hen Martha was killed by something that beheaded her and left her on the front lawn :( Than my hubby accidently ran over my all white americauna hen last week when he was backing up the truck. For some reason, the chickens like to hang out under the vehicles and do not like to move out of the way.  ***sigh***. I am now working on getting my business started working at home which takes up some of my time as well, but being able to work at home is great!   The kids have been busy raising money for The Cops For Cancer fundraiser by doing a readathon.For such a small school, they raised quite a bit of money!!
I am slowly losing weight for the National MPS Society charity, working out to Shaun T and his hip hop abs dvd, something easy for me lol, and fun and I am losing inches!!  The weather today was chilly and windy, it almost felt like winter without the snow. I almost had to put my mini gloves on because the chill bothers my Raynaud's syndrome and my fingers go bluey white  and numb briefly.  I cannot wait til summer gets here! Oh well, the weekend is looking good although my husband has to work Saturday and is on call for Sunday, busy time of the year when everyone needs their septic tanks emptied :)
 Tomorrow I have more planting to do and weeding and I am on my own so will make things easier to do.

Guess I should get off to bed soon, thought I would stop in and say hello! Thank you Steph for emailing me to check and see if things were okay! You are a true friend!
Hoping you are all having a great week and Happy Friday tomorrow!

hugs and blessings, Trish