William and Henrietta Boyd, picture taken before 1910

William and Henrietta Boyd, picture taken before 1910
The very first Boyd's to live in our home, my husband's great great grandparents..now I know where my youngest son gets his looks from!

November 05, 2010

I can't believe it's snowing!! Yuck, yuck, yuck!! Can you tell I don't like snow?? If I had my way, I would have it snow for Christmas than it could all go away again, lol., but sadly, I don't control Mother Nature...
Yesterday was a little sentimental for me. It has been 22 years since my wonderful dad passed away. I was only 17 yrs old at the time, and being a typical teenager, I wasn't always the nicest to my parents. I so regret the way I was back than but I have grown and learned from that experience. My dad never got to meet my husband, nor my 5 children although I see characteristics in each of them that remind me of him. A simple grin, or rolling of the eyes, or funny faces, the way they walk, run, their sense of humor. I'm so glad that even though they never got to meet their grandfather, they can carry on these traits of his. Last night I lit a candle in his memory and it burned for a very long time, it didn't even want to go out when I tried to blow it out. That tells me my dad is here with us in spirit and is always watching over us. Love you and miss you lots Dad, xoxo

I started a new task last week although it's going to take me awhile to get it done. I wanted to see what the original wood floor that is hiding under the ugliest linoleum in the world in our livingroom. Under that hideous linoleum is a plywood subfloor. What a fun time this is gonna be, it took me all Wednesday morning to pry off a 2 foot by 4 foot area of flooring to uncover a wood plank floor. The wood looks to be in good condition so far although it appears that it may have been painted brown oh so many years ago, like the early 1900's. I don't think my hubby is so pleased with what I'm doing. He asked me why I started it at this time of the year when it's cold and we are going feel the cool air from the basement coming up between the cracks. I want to keep going at it though but I don't think I'll get much help from him, lol. Oh well, when I want to get things done, I have to do them myself most of the time...
Today is a dreary day, it was suppose to rain than change to snow later, but it's been snowing since early this morning, at least it's not sticking to the ground! This is just the beginning of a long, cold winter season :(
I haven't accomplished much as my daughter is home sick with a fever but I did manage to tea stain some strips of material that I had left over from making some curtains for upstairs... yes, I used flannel top sheets from a set that I bought, they make the warmest curtains, lol, so I am going to attempt to make some ragballs. We'll soon see how they turned out.
Anyhow, I guess I'd better sign of and check on my Brynn to see how she's doing. Hope everyone has had a good week and a wonderful weekend.

Take care, hugs, Trish


  1. Trish I was touched by your post. All teenagers treat their parents in a not so nice way, sometimes. You know what? Parents don't love them any less and I bet your dad just shook his head and thought she'll grow up one day. That's what parents do. I am a little envious of your snow though.lol Enjoy the day

  2. Hey I just wanted to say thank you for putting my blog on your sidebar!

  3. Trish,

    Lucky you! Snow! I know from Northern friends that it is fun for awhile but misery when it snows for months! Down here in Georgia, we might get snow for two days out of the year and everything shuts down! It is fun, but I do enjoy the mild temps we have.

    Keep lighting candles. I think the memory of our loved ones does surround us.


  4. Thank you ladies for the encouragement!!Yes, I'm quite sure that my dad knew that I would grow up some day, I have 5 siblings that were born before me, 3 of which my dad raised and they were born in the 1950's so I learned from all their mistakes, lol. I was actually the "tame" one :) And yes, I truly believe that my dad is around us every day, I know he is a guardian angel to my son Rhys, and helped him get through his most difficult times and brought him back to us when everyone else gave up all hope. As for the snow, I have heard so many friends who live down in the southern states who would love snow, well ya'll can have it, lol. When we get snowed in, we really get snowed in, snow drifts ranging from 2 feet plus!! I kinda envy my mom who goes to Florida every winter to get away from it! Yes, the milder temps are nice, :) Oh well, that's what we get for living up here in Canada!
    Take care, Trish