William and Henrietta Boyd, picture taken before 1910

William and Henrietta Boyd, picture taken before 1910
The very first Boyd's to live in our home, my husband's great great grandparents..now I know where my youngest son gets his looks from!

September 23, 2011

Autmun, our stray kitten and some goodies from Kristine over at APP :)

Towels that go so well with my kitchen!!
YUM! They smell wonderful!!

Meet Autumn, the stray kitten we found on the first day of "autumn", :)

It's Friday! Not sure the time has gone but the week has just flown by! Luckily we have had some summer like weather but today it's a little cool and rainy with spurts of sun poking through...sleepy weather! On the first day of autumn, we had a little stray kitten show up, she can't be more than 8 or 9 weeks old. Poor thing was hiding in the raspberry cane bushes but my daughter went in, prickles and all and rescued her. We named her Autumn , isn't she sweet? She was covered in dried dirt and oil(well that's what it smelt like), someone must have dropped her off around here and she found her way up to the house. This occurs just days after my kids begging for another kitten and my husband saying flat out "NO MORE PETS!!", so just imagine what he was thinking when he found out about this little sweetie, lol. Of course we are just taking care of her until we find her a good home, we already have 3 cats and one is pregnant :P For now, Autumn is staying in Alexis's room until she gets bigger and can manage escaping from our aussie shepperd dog Zoe who likes to terrorize the cats...

On Tuesday after checking the mailbox, I found a surprise...and no bills! lol. I couldn't wait to open it, it was from Kristine over at APP magazine. She sent me a Random Act Of Kindness package, how sweet of her to think of me! Inside the box were 3 prim dishtowels and a prim dish cloth, and a very nice package of potpourri bowl fillers...yum, do they ever smell nice and just in time for my autumn decorations! I have to find a special place to put my dish towels, they are too nice to use! I can honestly say, this surprise brightened my week as it has been wishy washy to say the least. Thank you so much Kristine for thinking of me and cheering me up :)
Okay for the wishy wash stuff, I've had to go into the highschool and deal with my daughters principal...not a fun thing to do at all! Ugh, they way they run the school it's no wonder kids want to drop out and I can't get my girl outta there soon enough! Next week she turns 16 and than she can transfer to a school where she will actually get help for the subjects that she is having a rough time in without being made to feel intimidated and stupid... And now for the next thing...our 10 yr old beagle Sam has not been eating and is getting weak, I think he is sadly on his way off to a better place soon. He is my baby, I picked him out from The Peterborough Humane Society 7 years ago, and he has always snuggled in my bed when it's cold, howled when I come home and wagged his tailed so happily..He's just not the same now, he still follows me from room to room, and lies down by my feet, but he's not even stealing food like he always does..So I am bracing myself for the inevitable :( Okay I am about to cry just thinking of it...
Well, I must get some lunch and go snuggle with my Sam, hope you are having a wonderful Friday,

Take care!
Hugs, Trish


  1. Awe, Autumn is so cute~
    Have a wonderful day~

  2. Autumn is adorable! I hope you can find her a good forever home. :)

    Sorry to hear about school and your daughter. I wanted to homeschool mine because I have so many different issues with public school. My other half was not on board really, so I gave up that idea, not happily though.

    I can't imagine the great feeling of getting something in the mail you weren't expecting! How nice of your friend to show you some love. :)

    Very sad to hear Sam is not his old self. But what a blessing to have given him a loving home for the last 7 years! I hope, when he does pass someday, that you feel God's peace and comfort more than the awful sorrow of losing someone you love.

  3. Awww....snuggle a little closer to your dear Sam - old friends are the very hardest to say good bye to. Saying a prayer he is just going through a rough patch and will rebound. Wonderful surprise goodies!! Isn't it amazing how those blog buddies seem to come through just when you need them the most? Sweet little Autumn - glad she's safe and dry and warm - and hoping you find her a wonderful forever home! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. You're a good person in your heart to love an old dog that way. Your new kitten is darling, I wish we could have another.

  5. How perfect a name for a sweet kitty. I love it. It's fun to get great things in the mail from friends. Sorry to hear about your beloved beagle.
    School can't end soon enough for me. I miss my kids. -Steph-