William and Henrietta Boyd, picture taken before 1910

William and Henrietta Boyd, picture taken before 1910
The very first Boyd's to live in our home, my husband's great great grandparents..now I know where my youngest son gets his looks from!

September 30, 2011

Chilly, wet night and update on Sam and Autumn

Well, it's a rainy, windy, chilly night here, down to 8 degrees so far, brrrr. Not cold enough to start the woodstove yet though! I want to thank you all for your kinds and uplifting comments for Sam and Autumn. They cheered me up greatly and I am truly blessed to have so many wonderful, kind blogger friends :) We had a rather rough week with Sam. He is still here with us, surprising, he doesn't want to give in! I did some internet research to see what I could possibly find and thought I would try some holistic remedies first. I know it could be anything with him being a senior dog and vets charge so very much.... I decided to try some turmeric mixed with water to help his tummy and it stopped the throwing up thanks goodness. Since he lost so much weight in just a week, I had a suspicion that he may have worms (eww) and the kind that are unseen, even vets have to use a microscope to see and diagnose. So with that in mind, I found that using DE ( dianthemicus (sp?) earth) food grade of course, is a non toxic way to get rid of them. You can use it for mites, worms, fleas etc. and it won't hurt humans or animals. I also started giving him Pedialite childrens replacement fluid to help with his electrolytes and give him back some strength. I was doing all this through a medicine syringe( without the needle) and I can tell you, that despite his weakness, he was not too happy with me prying his mouth open for any of this, lol. I am even spoon feeding him wet dog food. Today, he has been the most brightest that he has been all week, he is now drinking lots of water on his own and he even ate pepperoni eagerly. Last night was my son Noah's 13 th birthday, and we had pizza and chicken wings, and Sam actually sniffed the chicken wing with interest, so I cut the chicken up and he ate it! Noah was so worried that Sam would die on his birthday :( But he is happy now that Sam is still here with us. So, I now have Sam in cloth diapers( I knew I had kept them from when my kids were babies for a reason), and because Sam is still weak and can't get up in time to go out to the bathroom, I have put these on him and it is much easier to change them instead of cleaning up a massive mess of poop and pee, hehe, I don't know why it took me all week to come up with this idea, lol. I carry Sam upstairs at night and when I have a rest since he wants to be upstairs with me and climbing 13 steps is too hard for him right now...Can you tell I love my dogggy bunches?? :D
So this week has been busy...my oldest daughter turned 16 on Tuesday, and I took her 45 minutes away to get her G1 licence( that's the first written test), and we drove all that way just to find out she need another piece of identification with a picture and her signature. Ugh, what 16yr old has all this I.D. on them? We didn't have to have it when we took our drivers test. So now, I will have to take her back again since she had to have a form filled out by her principal at school stating that they have known her for 2 yrs and that they confirm who she is. What a pain, lol. Oh well, on her birthday, she took in a resume at our local Co-op country feed store, and they called her the next day for an interview! She is just waiting for them to call her back with news of a job, but it would be perfect for her, as she can take the school bus there after school and get picked up when they close and work Saturdays as well, and it's less than 10 mins away from home!! Keeping our fingers crossed that she gets the job :)
And now onto Autumn...I think she has found her home...here :) Although James was adamant about having no more pets, she is winning his heart over and she even sleeps with him... I told him tonight how our 5 yr old son Kaedyn had said to me one day..." you know mom, if we don't say anything to dad about keeping Autumn, maybe in awhile he won't notice that she is still here". I had to smile about that! She is such a sweetie, typical kitten getting into everything, but she is standing her ground with our older cats and letting them know that they are not going to boss her around. I'm just happy that we found her in time and that she has a warm, safe home and I love her when she cuddles up under my neck and purrs loudly while she sleeps.
Well, I guess I'd better go, hoping to once again catch upon everyone since I have not been able to all week. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by!!

Hugs and blessings, Trish


  1. So glad to hear that Sam is doing a bit better - very creative ways you've come up to help him...So very glad he has such a caring and loving owner....And lots of birthday wishes! Lots of cake? Happy birthday to your son and daughter! Wishing your daughter good news on the job - sounds like the perfect arrangement for everyone involved. Hope you have a great weekend! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (And woo hoo for Autumn!!! Purred herself right into a forever home with you, didn't she!)

  2. Trish you are such a good care taker! I sam continues to improve. If you read my blog you know about my experience with the stray cat that came to my house. Hope your daughter gets her job.And her license

  3. Oh I am so happy you dog is on the mend. You are a good mommy. Sounds like you have been busy with your teens. Having one drive is scarrry. I think you should start a fire in your stove. 8 degrees is soo cold enough. -Steph-