William and Henrietta Boyd, picture taken before 1910

William and Henrietta Boyd, picture taken before 1910
The very first Boyd's to live in our home, my husband's great great grandparents..now I know where my youngest son gets his looks from!

April 28, 2011

Good windy morning!! Yikes! We are under a wind warning and the wind is blowing at 80 km, the house is shaking, we have big branches down in the barnyard and stuff is flying everywhere. I hope nothing falls on the house as we have a very old tree not far from it that we need to cut down soon, and in this wind anything is possible. I can't even let my chickens and ducks outside today, they would blow away, lol. Hope everyone else is staying safe, near and far. There is crazy weather everywhere :(
Well Easter went great. Saturday, we went into Peterborough to visit with my mom and brother than we headed over to my sister Cathy's for dinner. There were 27 of us crammed in her small house. We even got to visit with my brother Pat who we haven't seen in a few years. The food was awesome, everyone brought stuff and by the time we left, I felt like I was 7 months pregnant, lol. The kids had an Easter egg hunt as well. The weather was perfect, hot! Finally spring weather!! Needless to say the kids slept VERY well :) Sunday we had my inlaws over for dinner and we had the traditional Easter turkey and ham dinner. YUM~ The kids had played outside pretty much all day again since the weather was once again fairly nice. Nothing says having fun like your kids coming in shaking sand outta their hair and shoes and dirty hands and faces, lol AHHH, to be a kid again :) This week has been really rainy. Tuesday Kaedyn was home and of course he wanted to go for a little drive so we just went to the town of Orono. He's my antique hunter. He found me an old berry picker and a long wooden masher thingy. He told me I needed to buy it, since I don't have a berry picker yet. He' s only 5 but I love that he is interested in antiques and knows what I like :) I will get pics up when I don't have to worry about the power going out! Yesterday I scooted out to birthday shop for my son Rhys who is turning 10 on Saturday. He's easy to buy for, just get him Nascar and MonsterJam stuff and he's happier than ever. Good thing that I did that yesterday as last night the brakes went on my van so I can't go anywhere...

Well, better get a move on still have things to do. Please stay safe everyone and have a wonderful week!

Hugs, Trish
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April 23, 2011

Happy Easter Everyone!!
Hope you all have a very blessed day with your family and friends!!


April 18, 2011

My first attempt at stitchery, lol. I did this free hand.
My red bowl that I found at the Goodwill shop for $1.75, I know it's not a real redware bowl but I like it! And these are the burlap birds I made last week.

Well, I hope alot of you had better weather this weekend than we did! Saturday brought us torrential like rain that was COLD! And yesterday, it snowed **sigh**. When is Mother Nature going to bring us spring weather??
I didn't get these pics up last week like I said I would... story of my life, lol. I got busy getting our taxes done, running back and forth to the city to bring papers home for hubby to sign since by the time he gets off work, the place is closed. And than I had an issue with my oldest daughter who is 15, who decided on Thursday that she was not going to come home after school like she was suppose to and than she stayed the night and didn't let us know where she was :( Let me tell you, I was worried! Thankfully she went to school the next day ( yes I called the school to make sure :). Teenagers... that's all I got to say...
Anyhow, I couldn't resist the pic of the calves in our barnyard, they will come right up to fence to see you but when you go to pet them, they run away. And of course a few of my ducks were following me. The pic of the chicken is of our banty rooster. I love his colors! Since we are getting some fertilized banty eggs, I think I am going to haul out the incubator and try hatching some. I missed hatching eggs last year. For those of you who have ever hatched eggs in an incubator, it's like being a mother all over again, lol. The waiting, and watching, and the candling to see if anything is growing inside. Even my kids get excited!
Well, I guess I should go and eat, some of my chores are done, til tomorrow when I have to do them all over again :P
Have a great Monday everyone!


April 12, 2011

Good morning! well, it's almost lunch time here, but I'm slagging today. Have not gotten much accomplished ... let's just say that when one thing goes wrong it can set your whole day off akilter! So, I'm just taking my time and not doing much, lol. It's sunny and getting warm out. After yesterday's tease of almost 20 degrees out ( almost 70 degrees F), we had high winds and chilly air blow through. I was watching everything blow all over and our portable garage/shelter broke. My husband and I took over an hour trying to anchor the darn thing down. Holy moly the wind was so strong that it was lifting me a bit as I was trying to hold onto the one post! Well, it's set for now with wire tied and a cinder block holding the back end, lol.
Anyhow, I have been doing little odds and end around here, cleaning (yuck!), and I made a few handsewn birds from some burlap fabric that I got a the goodwill store. I think they will go in one of my wooden bowls but I'd like to make some more and stick them around the house.
It's such a lovely day that I think I will go out and take some pics and hopefully post them on here tomorrow. No flowers sprouting yet, but soon I hope :)
Have a wonderful day everyone!!


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April 05, 2011

I really should be in bed, lol. Wanted to post today but didn't have time. I have had kids home this week, one with a fever etc since Friday night, she is all better now thank goodness, and my other daughter was sick today with an upset stomach. And of course my youngest was home because it wasn't his day for school. The weather has been crazy! The weekend was beautiful, sunny and warmish. We had our first bbq dinner Saturday, and oh how I have missed the scent of bbq'd food. We got alot of yard work done, but still lots to do. Monday was chilly for a bit with lots of rain, than it got up to 14 degrees celsius. We were sweating with the woodstove on! Today has been fairly dreary, a little bit of sun but the wind has been nasty. I had things flying all over the yard. So since I've been stuck in the house for a day or 2 you would think that I would get a few things done...mainly housework :( But I managed to paint a few wood bowls and a light wood quilt rack. Haven't stained the quilt rack yet to grubby it up some, hopefully in the morning before I head out to birthday shop for Kaedyn who's birthday is on Friday. Can't believe my baby is going to be 5! I only have tomorrow to shop since he is in school and keeping my fingers crossed everyone goes to school so I can accomplish a few things. Now if only Mother Nature would hurry up and show some more signs of spring...One of these days! My mom arrived home safely Friday afternoon and is very glad to be home. She has missed all her grandchildren and maybe her kids?, lol. We are hoping to get in to see her Easter weekend for a family get together dinner if everyone is healthy.
Well, off to bed I am, hope everyone is having a super week. Don't worry, Spring will get here eventually!
Many hugs, Trish