William and Henrietta Boyd, picture taken before 1910

William and Henrietta Boyd, picture taken before 1910
The very first Boyd's to live in our home, my husband's great great grandparents..now I know where my youngest son gets his looks from!

April 05, 2011

I really should be in bed, lol. Wanted to post today but didn't have time. I have had kids home this week, one with a fever etc since Friday night, she is all better now thank goodness, and my other daughter was sick today with an upset stomach. And of course my youngest was home because it wasn't his day for school. The weather has been crazy! The weekend was beautiful, sunny and warmish. We had our first bbq dinner Saturday, and oh how I have missed the scent of bbq'd food. We got alot of yard work done, but still lots to do. Monday was chilly for a bit with lots of rain, than it got up to 14 degrees celsius. We were sweating with the woodstove on! Today has been fairly dreary, a little bit of sun but the wind has been nasty. I had things flying all over the yard. So since I've been stuck in the house for a day or 2 you would think that I would get a few things done...mainly housework :( But I managed to paint a few wood bowls and a light wood quilt rack. Haven't stained the quilt rack yet to grubby it up some, hopefully in the morning before I head out to birthday shop for Kaedyn who's birthday is on Friday. Can't believe my baby is going to be 5! I only have tomorrow to shop since he is in school and keeping my fingers crossed everyone goes to school so I can accomplish a few things. Now if only Mother Nature would hurry up and show some more signs of spring...One of these days! My mom arrived home safely Friday afternoon and is very glad to be home. She has missed all her grandchildren and maybe her kids?, lol. We are hoping to get in to see her Easter weekend for a family get together dinner if everyone is healthy.
Well, off to bed I am, hope everyone is having a super week. Don't worry, Spring will get here eventually!
Many hugs, Trish


  1. Hi Trish, Hope all your children stay healthy, the weather is nice, and you get to birthday shop! Do you not have Hobby Lobby stores near you? There is one too close to me!lol

  2. Thanks Betty! I had fun shopping :) And unfortunately we don't have Hobby Lobby stores here in Canada :( but I did hear something about them maybe opening up some shops somewhere, that would be wonderful! I think I would spend way too much time and money there, lol. Hoping you are having a wonderful week!