William and Henrietta Boyd, picture taken before 1910

William and Henrietta Boyd, picture taken before 1910
The very first Boyd's to live in our home, my husband's great great grandparents..now I know where my youngest son gets his looks from!

February 10, 2011

Good morning! Thought I would use a brighter color today for my text, lol. It is wonderfully sunny out today, but that sun is deceiving! Brrrr! A good day to stay indoors for sure!
Well, I've got a couple of pics to show, just 2 of the lovely things I won on ebay lately.

The first is of an antique wooden stave bucket, I just love it! ( Thank you Ann! :), and the second is of an primitive antique rag runner rug, it is almost 11 feet long and 2 feet wide. The pics don't do these justice but they are once again from my cell phone. I seriously need to get new batteries for my camera, lol. I have the runner on our livingroom floor , not sure where I'm putting the bucket yet, I have to find just the right spot!! I have a few more things to arrive in the mail soon so I will definitely post pics of them!! Oh, I got my new issue of the APP magazine and I absolutely love it! It is going to keep me busy reading and looking forward to spring on these bitterly cold days!
Well, I'm off to have some lunch, hope everyone is having a fabulous week!!
Cheers, Trish

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